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Training and testing datasets
Training dataset
Testing dataset

Version to run in Command Line

IMPORTANT: Command line version (ONLY predicts exosome protein secretion)

Main Python Script

Dependence Perl Script


For model request write to

Software dependences

1) Weka (preferible weka 3.9.3)
2) Perl
3) Python (with os and argparse packages installed)

Installation instructions:

1) Download the main script, the dependence perl script and the model (request to

2) Save all in the same directory.

3) Test sequences must be in FASTA format. It is recomendable to keep the fasta file in the same directory than the execution python script and model


- Help page:
./exopred_comand_line -h
- Run software:

   -> Print output in terminal
./exopred_comand_line -f fasta_input_name -w weka_executable
   -> Save output
./exopred_comand_line -f fasta_input_name -w weka_executable -o 


  - The software creates temporarily files in the directory where is executed
  - All arguments recognize both absolute and relative pathways

Please cite:

Ras-Carmona, A., Gomez-Perosanz, M., & Reche, P. A. (2021). Prediction of unconventional protein secretion by exosomes. BMC bioinformatics, 22(1), 333.

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